The F**kless Freedom of Ageing

Life really does begin after 40

Sarah Kat
3 min readJun 2, 2023
A woman’s hand holding a mug with the caption “choose happy”
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite

Let’s talk about the freedom that comes with years of experience.

In my younger years, I loved the concept of caring less and doing things my own way. But in truth, I still cared what people thought, and I let that fear of judgement hold me back.

It takes many years and plenty of life experience before we can truly embrace the magic of not caring for the opinions of others. We get there by pushing through our own resistance, still caring about how we look to others, but doing the hard stuff anyway.

By our 40's, we’ve had some pretty epic personality-changing experiences leave their mark…

We have seen relationships come and go. We have learned that our friends aren’t always good for us. We know that our own unique love language doesn’t always make sense to other people.

But above all, the things we used to lose sleep over are no longer the same.

Sure, we have REAL problems. Who doesn’t? But we don’t worry about the things we can’t control in quite the same way we did when we were younger.

I love this about getting older. I still have anxiety about real issues, like bills and medical problems. But I don’t have anxiety about who likes me, or who is talking behind…



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