The $10 Fitness Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

How to really get fit and make it stick in 2023

Sarah Kat
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This will definitely not be what you expect it to be. Because my $10 hack is not a product. It’s not something you can buy from Amazon, nor at the market.

My $10 hack is a bet — a Health Bet.

We all know how betting works, right? We put a few bucks in the pot, and then a few winners each walk away with a lump sum of cash.

Betting motivates all sorts of people to place money on all sorts of things. So why not bet on yourself and your health goals? Why not use that psychology of having a little skin in the game to make us increase our effort and finally walk away from the office doughnuts.

I tried it out last month with a few hundred other people, organised by some Facebook friends of mine who work in the fitness industry. It works brilliantly, so I had to report back.

My April Health Bet Experience

How I used my $10 bet to motivate myself into inch loss

There were all sorts of different workouts used by the different people participating in this bet. Lots of them do home workouts with online videos.

Personally, I’m a runner and was training for the Virtual London Marathon, which I ran last weekend.

If you’ve ever trained for and run any long distance, then you know how much food that requires you to eat. We all carb load before the race too.

All in all, it’s hard to lose body weight while marathon training. Which feels kind of unfair due to the effort we put in.

Honestly, I would usually gain a little weight in a marathon season. But this time around, being a part of the April Health Bet, I managed to keep myself more accountable and lose an inch around my waist.

It’s those little treats that really add up and ruin things for me. Especially when I’m training, I tend to allow myself a few extras here and there — because I’m burning so many calories, right?



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