3 ways to keep a stream of clients during a recession

Sarah Kat
5 min readMay 17, 2020

If you follow me on social media, or are subscribed to my #MarketingMagicMondays email list (join me here) then you will have been expecting me to go live on YouTube on Saturday.

But tech and the Universe had other plans! I ended up going live on my Facebook page as a plan B, but the sound was terrible — so don’t watch that!

Instead, as promised, I’m writing this post for you, so you get the same tips I was sharing on the video.

So without further ado, here are 3 remarkably simple things you can be doing to keep the clients coming as we head into a recession.

1. It’s all about referrals

I’m going to tell you HOW I get referrals. But first, I want to make sure you understand WHY they are my number 1 tip.

In a nutshell, getting a referred client almost completely bypasses the normal ‘sales funnel’ process of content marketing. You need to do very little convincing to get somebody who has been referred to you by a trusted friend or colleague of theirs, to actually book in a session.

The point of marketing, or course, is to show people why you are the right coach or therapist for them. But when a person is referred to you, whoever did that referring has already sung your praises. For this reason, referrals are very low effort for you, and cost very little in terms of time and effort.

Usually, to bring a new person down your sales funnel, from being a cold lead, to a warm lead, to converting them into a paying customer is quiet a long journey.

If you aren’t totally sure what I’m talking about when I say “marketing funnel”, “warm leads” or “journey”, then watch my simple explanation here on YouTube.

So that’s WHY referrals are number one for me. Now let’s cover the HOW.

When I first went freelance I needed more clients, and fast. I had bills stacking up and to be honest, I was still a bit unsure if I could manage in the world of self-employment. So I had to fill my weeks with paying work, and fast. So here’s what I did…

I opened a Word doc, and I wrote a really honest letter, explaining that I had gone freelance and was actively seeking…



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